Thespian Society


Central HS Theatre is home to International Thespian Society Troupe #522

ITS is an honors program (similar to National Honor Society) that recognizes student achievement in educational theatre.

The time a student works with the theatre program corresponds to a number of Thespian Points that can be received.  (1 Point = 10 hours of work)

To be inducted into the Troupe (a great college resume builder), a student must be involved in at least two shows at Central High School and earned 10 Thespian Points.

All new Thespians are inducted at the end of the year during an awards ceremony.

The Thespian Troupe also offers student leadership opportunities. Each spring a new set of thespian officers are selected. The Thespian officers help to run the troupe as a whole.

The nationally recognized thespian levels are described below:

  • 60 Points = Honor Thespian
  • 120 Points = National Honor Thespian
  • 180 Points = International Honor Thespian

Missouri Thespians Conference

January 4-6, 2024 | Kansas City, MO | Marriott/Music Hall

2023-2024 Troupe Leadership Council

Addison Bramlage | Ash Wise | Katie Kissock | Alevia Bramlage | Reagan Watson