Lettering in Theatre

Students must complete the following to Letter in Theatre at Central High School:

  1. Full and active participation in a minimum of two (2) productions and a minimum of ten (10) Thespian points earned during the school year. Determination of points received by the students will be made by the director and/or assistant director after the production. Participation may be in any of the following two areas: performing or technical.
  2. Acceptance of responsibility and tasks assigned by the director(s), and satisfaction of task completion. 
  3. Demonstration of leadership, cooperation and positive attitude within the Theatre Program throughout the production and school year.
PointsLetteringTypical Yr

Failure to meet the above requirements can result in the student’s failure to earn a letter.

Final approval for earning a letter in Theatre Arts will be made by the director(s) of the Theatre Program.

Records of points earned by students throughout the year will be open to student inspection, and will be recorded for each production two weeks after strike. It is each student’s responsibility to check the points recorded at that time. 

Points listed are the maximum that may normally be earned from participation in specific activities. Directors may award two additional points for any tasks performed with exceptional merit and will use their discretion in awarding points up to the maximum, according to the quality of work and other factors.